Critical DNS

Free highly distributed and highly available secondary DNS infrastructure is available to open source projects, non-profits, ccTLDs, and other zones that benefit the internet community.

The mirrors project aims to replace the concept of local FTP and HTTP mirrors hosted on local networks with a more scalable system of caching proxies, similar to how modern CDNs operate. This allows network operators to no longer be bound by local storage limitations in the number of projects they can support, and increases the availability of critical downloads like security updates.


NTP Pool

Network time is provided from every location, as well as Geo DNS services to direct users to nearby time servers.



ntp.js is a library for developers of web based applications that will correct end users system clocks by querying a nearby server and calculating a local offset.


Distributed Research

Geographicly distributed servers are operated for the purpose of actively and passively collecting information for security researchers. Get in touch if you would like additional details.